Wednesday, 27 May 2009

I Am A Robot

I Am A Robot is one of the most popular Unlucky Fried Kitten songs from the album. We often come across MySpace profiles that use it as their auto-player....and for that we are truly appreciative. For some reason it became quite a hit with the Skate-Boarding fraternity...particularly in the USA. "I Am A Robot" as a song title is extremely popular. Trust UFK to pick such a common title. Ha Ha.
Given it's wide-spread a's a surprise that we managed to stumble upon this little version. It's just some kid dancing and singing to it...with entirely the wrong words. Later..we found that he'd recruited two friends...and they'd even learned the words. They must have googled it. Unfortunately...the boy on the left (in the second vid) forgot to learn the melody. pmsl

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